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Government Of Assam Hojai District

Know about the District

Hojai is a newly formed district which is carved out from Nagaon district in Assam state of India. It is one of the 5 new districts of Assam which was declared on 15th August, 2016 by Assam's Chief Minister. The headquarters of the District is situated at Sankardev Nagar, which is about 8 Km away from the Hojai Town.

Agriculture is the main source of livelihood of the major population of Hojai. There is an abundance of forest-based small-scale industries like Agar Wood Distillation units, Saw Mills and Bamboo & Cane furniture’s manufacturing units. The ethnic groups of this region depend on their traditional activities like weaving, animal rearing, etc. Hojai is also noted for its numerous ancient archaeological sites.


Hojai district is situated at the southeastern part of the Nagaon District and surrounded by the Karbi Anglong District in it's East, West, South and North-East part. A total 3(three) Legislative Assembly Constituencies, viz. 90-Jamunamukh, 91-Hojai and 92-Lumding fall under the administrative jurisdiction of Hojai District having a total population of 9,31,218. The total land area of the Hojai District is around 1685 Sq. KM or 168584.26 Hectares. There are total 3(three) Revenue Circle  namely Hojai, Doboka and Lanka.  

The Kapili and Jamuna are the main rivers of this District. The climatic condition is subtropical humid to tropical humid. Summers are quite hot while winter is moderately cool. Humidity is, however, less compared to other parts of the state. The average temperature varies from 8°C to 34°C depending upon rainfall. The monsoon starts from mid- April and continues up to September with the average rainfall varying from 1000 mm to 2300 mm.


Hojai District represents a multi-sectoral community, comprising of different caste, creed, religion and different groups, viz. Bengali Hindus, Bengali Muslims, Dimasa Kacharis, Manipuris, Karbis, Ex- Tea Garden Tribes, Hajongs, Bodo Kacharis, Tiwas, Nepalis and the like.

Population (as per Census 2011)

Name of Revenue Circle Level Household Male Female Total Population


Hojai Revenue Circle


Rural 31150 85575 81910 167485
Urban 11634 31277 29768 61045


Doboka Revenue Circle


Rural 51519 145138 138134 283272
Urban 3948 10417 10078 20495


Lanka Revenue Circle


Rural 58927 157817 150294 308111
Urban 19610 46256 44554 90810
Total   176788 476480 454738 931218
Map of Hojai District