SUHRID Scheme (MLA-LAD Fund)

  • Last Updated on: August 04, 2022
  • Launch Date : Not Available
  • Source : Hojai

    The government had introduced MLAs Local Are Development Scheme from 2000-01 making MLAs able to recommend small development works of capital nature. Under the scheme, each MLA has the choice to suggest to the Deputy Commissioner of his/her district, to the extent of allocations given from year to year, to be taken up his/her constituency. Each MLA is sanctioned MLA-LAD fund of Rs. 2 crore per annum for their respective constituency by the central government.

    Works that may be taken up under MLA-LADS:

  • Construction for buildings for schools, hostels, libraries and other buildings of education institutions belonging to government.
  • Construction of village roads, bridges, public irrigation channels and public drainage schemes.
  • Providing drink water to the people in the area by digging tube-wells or other works that may help in this respect.
  • Construction of public health care buildings, public toilets and bathrooms, footpaths, pathways and foot bridges.
  • Construction of common gobar plants, non-conventional energy systems/devices for community use.
  • Bus Sheds/Stops for public transport passengers.
  • Social forestry, farm forestry, horticulture, parks and gardens in government and community land.

    Important features:

  • The type of work under this scheme should be developmental in nature based on locally felt
  • The work should be such that it can be completed within one financial year and lead to the creation of durable assets.
  • Minimum of 10% fund allocated should be utilized for capacity building and training of unemployed youth in the state.
  • The work to be taken under MLA-LADS should not be under Rs. 1 lakh in each case.