Rajbari Archaeological Site

Rajbari Archaeological Site


Rajbari Archaeological Site  is  a  group  of  at  least nine Shiva temples enclosed within a massive brick-built boundary wall. Both stone and bricks are found employed as building material in raising the temples. Concentration of these temple structures altogether converted this site into a complex of nine temples. Of these, three temples had been built of bricks using stone for doorframes, pillar bases and columns. The ground plans of three of these brick-built temples have been excavated and conserved from 2003-04 and 2005-06. Upon the garbhagrha of two temples modern structures have been raised enshrining in these a Yonipith and a Uma - Maheswara respectively. The other temple plinth has a garbhagrha raised of stone.The site has numerous stone temple relics stylistically datable to 11th century CE.

How to Reach

One can use the local tempo services from Hojai town to reach the place. It is about 9km from Hojai town.

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Source: https://archaeology.assam.gov.in