Sankhadevi Archaeological Site



Sankhadevi site has a group of temples, located on Jugijan, a small tributary of the Kapili river.  The site has three mounds containing remains of   three stone   temples.  Of these, one mound has been salvaged and stone relics of a temple dedicated to Devi Durga have been unearthed. The remains include fragments of a massive stone door jamb with carving of a figure of Durga  in the upper central part of the door frame. Doorjambs,carved stone,pranala from garbhagriha, doorsils,lintels, pillars and numerous other carved temple relics are found in this site. Numerous fragments of stone temples are   scattered everywhere. The two other mounds are   undisturbed. The site has a stone stairway leading to the river indicating earlier communication that was maintained through river to the temples of this site.